Turin by Night

Duration 3 hours

Torino by night

Starting point: Piazza Carlo Felice, the subway exit via Sacchi side, opposite the newsstand, 20:00

Duration: 3 hours by bus and visit g.t. non-exclusive

Languages: tours are accompanied by licensed guides in Italian

Fee: ....

A panoramic night to discover a Turin ever seen, along the broad avenues born after killing the old walls at the hands of Napoleon's troops, and then touch closely with the modernity avveneristica Porta Susa station. Next, a step back in time in front of the remains of the Citadel, the fortress built by Emanuele Filiberto, theater of the sacrifice of Pietro Micca, then move on to the nineteenth century, the century of great changes, through via Cernaia and Piazza Solferino and reach, finally, in Piazza Castello where you can admire the beautiful symmetry created by Castellamonte who lives with Via Po, and then turn on the beautiful Piazza Carlo Emanuele II. Our journey continues with a square worthy of a capital called Piazza Vittorio Veneto, closed over the Po from the Great Mother of God, a symbol of the restoration of the French post (*). A look at the Valentino Castle and the medieval village we will wish you good night.

the only portion that includes: the exterior of the Mole, Piazza Carlo Emanuele II and Piazza Vittorio Veneto will be walking. Sal bus will drop you in the course S. Maurizio and will recover place in Piazza Vittorio Veneto

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